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  • Live a longer, higher quality life
  • Prevent neuropathy and amputation
  • Reduce risk of heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure
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John and Ellen

"My wife had been diagnosed as a diabetic about 10 years ago and every time she would see the doctor they would do blood tests and she (Ellen) would come back and say, "well my A1C went up a little bit and so did the number of pills or size of pills that I need to take." 

Her A1C had reached a point that it was 7.3 at the time we heard about this diabetes program and Dr. Shwaluk's program did what she said it would do.

Ellen's A1C number dropped from 7.3 to the 6's and now it is at 5.5. It never once went down when we were going just to the doctor, only since we did this program."

What Others Are Saying About This Program. . .

"I went from having a death sentence to, now I've got the rest of my life!" - Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller - Attorney, Plano TX

"My doctor told me I was pre-diabetic, that I just needed to lose weight, be a little more active. Then later he told me I was diabetic and to just 'take these pills.'  Someone at the doctor's office told me that "diabetes was going to kill me."

I was starting to get a lot of numbness, tingling and pain up my legs, my blood sugar A1c number was 9.8 and my triglycerides were over 1600.

 Until I talked with Dr. Shwaluk I didn't really realize that diabetes was reversible. That was the biggest breakthrough I've had.

 In three months of being on the curriculum my A1c went down from 9.8 to 6.7, my triglycerides came down to a little over 200 and I've lost over 25 lbs."

"I went from having a death sentence to, now I've got the rest of my life!".

Craig - Accountant

When I first started my curriculum with Dr. Shwaluk . . .

  • My A1c was 9.8
  • Triglycerides were 500
  • I needed to lose 70 lbs
  • I was taking 9 pills a day and 65 units of insulin

 Seven months later . . .

  •  My A1c is 5.0
  • I'm 70 lbs lighter
  • Triglycerides are at 160
  • Now I'm taking 3 pills a day and 6 units of insulin

"The whole plan and lifestyle change has really been tremendous. Dr. Shwaluk, I couldn't have done it without you!"

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Donovan S. - Construction Company Owner

"I went through the program  for my grandkids. I wanted to make sure I was around to see my grandkids grow.

I realized that over the years I needed someone to guide me to eat the correct way.

I was really impressed when I did Dr Shwaluk's program. 

  • I lost 28 pounds.
  • My health is great
  • I can move around a lot better
  •  I'm not tired like I used to be
  • I learned a lot. 

This program was one of the best things I've ever done. 

All you people who are here who are thinking about joining the program, really look into it, it will do a lot for you!


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